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TheLetterheadsLogoIt all started about 30 years ago, when a small group of apprentices in Denver got together to learn more about the craft of making signs. While the organization has grown larger than any of them could have imagined, the simple spirit behind their original needs lives on and evolves. The keystone of that spirit is exchange of information. During any given year, there is one International Meeting, several regional meetings and no telling how many small get togethers. Some don’t even use the “Letterheads” name but still carry on its spirit. While most of the trade magazines do cover events, stories, and meetings, there are several web sites and one magazine specifically dedicated to show casing and preserving that spirit.

The masthead at the top of this page was designed by John Frasier, one of the original members. The shaky script is registered, but is open to all to use in a respectful manner. Download a vectorized image of it below. You can also grab the GIF version of it right off this website.

The Denver Chapter of Letterheads holds occasional business and social meetings. While there is no official designation to the group, many questions about Letterheads are often sent back to that group for advice and steering. Their usual position on things is something like “Live and Let Live”, so most of their advise is just that.

Be sure to check out the links on the left to other Letterheads and sign related sites, including trade publications which cover Letterheads activities. Feel free to mark this site as your home page. It has all the sign links in one handy page!

2 thoughts on “About The Letterheads

  1. Lita Murray says:

    I am trying to find out which Letterheads painted the Stearns Knight mural on the Richard Adelmann building in Boise, Idaho.

  2. Linda (Frazier) Manchego says:

    I love that John’s name is still out there. My brother, John Frazier, third from the left in the original seven picture, died on August 5th 2021 after being in the hospital for a week. Though he did not work, he never stopped lettering.


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