How To Host A Meeting


Meetings come in all shapes and sizes…so to speak. The majority of them seem to attract 30-40 sign makers from a region, while the International meetings attract people from the world over and often grow to 300-500 attendees. The level of organization required grows as the size of the meetings grows. For a small meeting, check with a few local sign friends and see if they would be willing to help.

Check the calendar for conflicting dates and pick one, usually a weekend. For local meetings, you might be able to handle invitations entirely by phone. As the area you expect to draw from increases, allow more time to let people make arrangements. For out of town guests, supply a list of local Motels and Hotels, including your preference noted. Many people like to stay at the same place for after hours fun.

Pick a Theme for the meeting and invite everyone to make a project, or bring one to work on during the meeting. Some hosts prepare blank panels for people to paint upon. Often, your local sign supply house will supply a few cans of paint and normal supplies in exchange for passing out a few yardsticks and catalogs. It never hurts to ask.

Some meetings are labeled “No Frills” meetings. No T-Shirts, badges, aprons, mugs and so forth. This keeps expenses down and lessens the burden on the hosts. They are usually local events and are usually held in the host’s shop. Depending on who you talk to, these are often regarded as some of the most fun meetings.

To help pay for expenses, the Host usually asks for a “fee” from each attendee. That fee is dependent on what is being offered and any out of pocket expenses it might take to hold the meeting. This might include meals, tent and equipment rental, supplies, phone, printing costs and so forth. The goal for the host is to break even.

Be thorough but don’t get carried away. Meetings evolve on the fly. The larger the meeting the more structured the event has to be. Those may require printed schedules for seminars and demonstrations. Small meetings can often just happen if all the necessary ingredients are there. Clean the shop, take a deep breath and go for it!

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