Hard To Find Sign Supplies

Sign Supplies Source List
The chart below is an ongoing project, designed to give you a few sources for at least some of the products you may need. Try searching on Google for additional products, such as lettering brushes, lettering quills, etc.
Visit the Handlettering Forum for additional discussion or request leads
Try These On Line Suppliers
Gold Leaf

Sepp Leaf Products, Inc.
381 Park Avenue South New York, NY 10016 Tel: 212-683-2840 Fax: 212-725-0308
Art Essentials of NY
Gold leaf, composition leaf, brushes, tools & supplies
800-283-5323 – 914-368-1100 – Fax 914-368-1535
PO Box 38 – Tallman, NY 10982
Leo Uhlfelder Co. – Gold leaf, palladium leaf, aluminum leaf, paint brushes, quills, fitches, cutters, and more
SignGold Corp. – World’s only manufacturer of 22k gold vinyl for CAS
Sid Moses
800-628-2194 for orders 310-475-1111
for information FAX 310-474-7769
10456 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, Ca 90025
Canadian Signcrafters Supply
75580 Wildwood Line South, Bayfield, Ontario, N0M 1G0 1-800-663-9753
Sericol Locations around the country
Fast Dry Enamel (FDE) will work great for gold leaf back up. It might be the next best thing to Dekor Gloss which is no longer made. FDE is made by a division of the company that was formerly called Colonial Screen Ink. Colonial made Dekor Gloss 5800. $64 per gallon— in a variety of colors including ochre and black

Dick Blick
P.O. Box 1267 Galesburg, IL 61402-1267
Phone (800) 828-4548 Fax (800) 621-8293
Customer Service (800) 723-2787 Product Info (800) 933-2542
International (309) 343-6181
Specialty items Asphaltum: part #C-45205-1004 – Res-N-Gel
Mack Brush -Full Line of Lettering Brushes
Andrew Mack & Son Brush Co.
225 East Chicago St. PO Box 157
Jonesville, Michigan U.S.A. 49250
Phone: 517-849-9272 Fax: 517-849-2251
Canadian Signcrafters Supply
75580 Wildwood Line South, Bayfield, Ontario, N0M 1G0 1-800-663-9753
Pacific Coast Paint & Sign Supply
304 S.E. 28th Avenue Portland, Oregon 97214
Telephone: 503-232-8535 Fax: 503-239-4206
Toll Free: 800-752-0028
Items of note: Rich Art Poster Paint- Masonite Panels
Smith’s Cream, Cobalt Dryer, Danacolors paint and primers
Actually, this is the manufacturer’s site. The items are available at many sign suppliers.
Mark’s Paint Store
This is a specialty store selling supplies to the movie trade, faux finishers, and painters. They carry a line of sign supplies, along with a large variety of unique, hard to find, supplies.
Show Park Paint
Japan Paint in 8 oz. tubes, similar to the Japans Rick Glawson sold.
Show Park Paint, Los Angeles, CA (323) 469-9710
Mann Brothers
Servicing the Film and Theater Industry since the 30″s.
Los Angeles 757 N. La Brea Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90038
(323) 936-5168
N. Hollywood/Burbank Area
6850 Vineland Ave. North Hollywood, CA 91605
(818) 767-6266

Angel Gilding
Chiping Glue
Glue Pots
Angel Gild and Silvering Kits
Sarah King
Stained Glass, Ltd. (708) 383-3340
619 S. Clarence Ave – Oak Park, IL 60304, USA
Peacock Labs
A one stop shop for all your silvering needs: Silvering solutions, abrasives, compounds, back up paint, spray guns, etc.
54th & Paschall Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19143
215-729-4400 or Fax 215-729-1380
Smalts-Kleen Blast Abrasive
Kleen blast comes in 50 lb sacks and costs around $ 5 for the bag.
5 grit sizes ranging from 8-12 grit to 30/60 grit. The 35 grit matches up exactly with smalts Rick sold.

California – North (Hayward) 800 227-1134
California – South (San Diego) 619 239-1092
Washington (Tacoma) 800 228-4786
Oregon (Portland) 800 634-8499
Canada (Grand Forks B.C.) 250 442-2260
Smalts-Black Beauty: Should be available locally from a sandblast supply house Reed Mineral
Address: PO Box 0515 Camp Hill, PA 17001-0515
Phone: 717-763-4200 Fax: 717-763-6496
Product Name: Black Beauty Product Application: Commercial
Recycled Content: Bioler slag
Clifford W. Estes Company
Decorative Aggregates for aquariums, construction, crafts
Phone 1-800-248-2271
40 Vreeland Ave.
Totowa, NJ 07512
Olympic Color Rods
Barbara Dollahite, Logistics Manager
818 John St. – P.O. Box 9240 – Seattle, WA 98109
800-445-7742 Fax 206-343-2292
Note: This is a list of colors Rick purchased. For sand smalts, order F0 size. He also bought F2 size for glass smalts. You can also purchase F1 for jobs needing something in between.
G179 Diablo Red
G72 Scarlet
R215 Gold Brown
Z6122 Dark Extra Gold Pink
R41 Dark Blue
R43 Steel Blue
R50 Reddish Dark Violet
R6 Salmon PinkMike Jackson’s notes and observations:
Of the two sizes, #1 seems to be the better size. #2 would require a heavier paint application and might be a little too course for many signs. I am fairly sure #0 would be great for sand smalts, but I didn’t ask for any of it.Of the colors I requested, I REALLY like this group:
R-192 : Iris Night Blue; very close to Brilliant Blue enamel
R-92 : Night Blue; very close to Navy Blue (very dark).
Z-802 : Olive Green; rich, dark green.
Z-801 : Dark Emerald Green; teal, very close to blue green enamel, but maybe a little more blue.Of the colors I requested, these two are nice for the right job:
R-125 : Ox Blood; deep terra cotta. I was hoping for a maroon color. This is a little more milky in appearance. The exmple at the top is Ox Blood.
R-126 : Pastel Opal; this one looks like it has some of #R-125 mixed in with a little frit with a more red color.
Hot Glass Color & Supply – Kugler Colors (frit/smalts)
2227 Fifth Ave., Seattle, WA 98121
(206)448-1199 or toll free 1-866-448-1199
Hot Glass carries a full line of Kugler frit in all their colors. The samples they sent are pretty bright. Sold by the kilo.
K-124 Mohn (Poppy) Red is close to bright red.
K-2089 Navy is close to reflex blue
K-2075 is close to medium green.
K-2095 Black is a beautiful glossy black
C.R. Loo Co
Richmond, Ca. – 510 232-0276
1085 Essex Ave – Richmond, CA 94801
Phone: (510) 232-0276 – FAX: (510) 232-7810
Toll Free:(800) 227-1780 – Toll Free Fax:(800) 996-3939
This company sells a lot of products related, if only distantly, to the sign industry. Rick probably bought his faceted glass buttons there. The also sell glass and stained glass supplies.
Kugler Frit
Kugler Colors are available in a variety of transparent and opaque colors. 125 colors are currently available, this includes a variety of reducing colors. Frit is used in glass making. 00 is the consistency of baby powder, 1 table salt, 2 probably the number Rick sold, 3 small aggragate, and 4 large aggrate – about the size of small gravel.
Black Frit is about $ 28 kg or $14 lb.
Jewel Images
Faceted glass buttons.
Hydrofluoric Acid available from: ChemLab 714-630- 7902 48 to 52%
3M Hot Glue Gun: available from Ellsworth Adhesives 714-259-8500
Poly Gun II TC Glue # 3747-TC-Q tan or #3747-8 Q #M 800-888-0698
Del Amo Chemical Co
535 West 152nd St. Gardena, Calif 90248 310-532-9214
Probably has most obscure chemicals and powders such as Kaolin (whiting), Liver of Sulfate, etc. Silvering supplies
Peacock Labs
A one stop shop for all your silvering needs: Silvering solutions, abrasives, compounds, back up paint, spray guns, etc.
54th & Paschall Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19143
215-729-4400 or Fax 215-729-1380
Pacific Coast Chemicals 510-549-3535 Berkeley, Ca
Try them for most commercially available chemicals
Pacific Art Glass
125 West 157th Street – Gardena, CA 90248
Phone : (310) 516-7828 or (800) 354-5277
Facsimile : (310) 516-0335
Beveled glass, cutters, nippers, grinders, flash glass, etc.
AmerigGlas Stained Glass
Omaha, Nebraska E-Mail: sales@ameriglas.com
Besides the full line of stained glass supplies, Ameriglass also sells ladder chain, beaded chain, jack chain, box jewelry chain, rings, and other brass hardware.
Milligan & Higgins – Glue Chip Glue
Maple Avenue – P.O. Box 506 – Johnstown, NY 12095 Phone: 518-762-4638 – Fax: 518-762-7039.
Ask for 135 gram strength or 164 gram strength glue chip glue. The higher number is more aggressive. Sold in 50 lb drums.
On the West Coast:
Pearson Sales Co Inc (626) 851-8129
5268 Rivergrade Rd – Irwindale, CA.
Etchmaster Glue Chip Glue at about $7/lb or $28/5lb
Glue Chip Glue Page
Glue Chip Pot available at Woodworkers Supply for $99
Glass Edge Chipper and Glass Stand
Available from Danny Baronian at Baronian Manufacturing 
Mac Beath Hardwood Co (510) 843-4390 Berkeley, Ca
Analin dyes; they also carry hide glue and glue pots.
Arterial Red: actually Naz Dar Scarlet Red screen enamel. (9700 series)
Available at almost any sign supply or screen supply.
Aqua Blue Maui
Mother of Pearl and Abalone Sheets
DeeAnn Ventura (808) 876-0217 Kula, Hawaii
Rescue Pearl
1551 Duck Hollow Court
Rescue, CA 95672 Phone/Fax: (530) 676-2770
Veneer, laminates and shell blanks
“DUKE of PEARL”—Charles W. Erickson
Exotic Inlay Materials
18072 Greenhorn Rd. – Grass Valley California 95945
Phone/FAX 916 273 4116
Elite Finishing Supplies
Silvering and Mirroring supplies and equipment, kits, and photos
121-123 East Santa Fe Ave. P. O. Box 623 Toluca, IL. 61369
Telephone: 800-338-9562 Fax: 815-452-2604
Mica Flakes:
Doll SupplyView 7 Colors of flakes
If you do a search for Mica Flakes, you can find dozens of sources. Most of them are industrial suppliers. The Doll Supply shop linked above sells small quantities in several different colors. I am almost certain you can also buy mica flakes at ceramic supply houses.
Mica Flakes:
Gelatin Sheets
Cook’s Market 20 sheets for $3.95
Daniel Smith Art Products
Liquid and Powdered Asphaltum, Whiting, Magnesium Carbonate, Cobalt Dryer
Res-N-Gel is available at Dick Blick or ArtSuppliesOnLine
4 Watt- UV Lamp (UVG-4) available at UVP
ICC 396 Hand Cleaner and Conditioner
ICC Chemicals Div 4660 Grove Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45232.1995
(Rick used to get that sparkle in his eye, grab an unsuspecting subject, have them hold their hand out and smear a little paint on their hands. He’d then offer some of this hand cleaner to wash off with no water or solvent. It works very well)
Second Skin – liquid skin protection
Auto Tech
Grants Pass, OR 97526
800 545-8624
(A hand cream type lotion, allows paint to be cleaned off your hands easily yet will not contaminate areas to be painted. Also try local auto body supply shops)
Hydroflouric Acid
Travis Copeland
Quaker Chemical Company, Inc.
Columbia, SC

Find these items at your local stores or normal sign supplier
Try your local grocery store or hardware store for these:

Simple Green
Bon-Ami Cakes
CLR Glass Cleaner
Glue-Off or Goo-Gone (citrus baseed adhesive remover)
Razor Blades- single or double edged
Raw Chamois
Cotton balls and rolls of cotton (also at drug stores)
Rubber Gloves (also at drug stores)

Try your sign suppliers for these:

Razor Blades
One Shot Paints and basic paints, etc.
Electro-Pounce machines
Frog Juice (also available directly from Superfrog)
Splash Concentrate

Try your local fabric, craft, & art stores for these:

Specialy scissors
Beads, adhesives, leather, felt, velcro, etc.
Stir Sticks
Charcoal layout sticks
X-Acto knives and blades

Try your stained glass shops for these:

Glass cutters
Flashed glass
Frosting and etching supplies
Nippers, breakers, seamers, polishers and burnishers
Glass drills



This page courtesy of Golden Era Studios: Gold Glass Art & Vintage Vector Ornaments


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