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Removing Static from Banner or Plexiglass, from BB posts

  • Static electricity is usually worse in the winter when the air is dry. When you unrolled the banner, you probably charged it with static electricity. I’d hang it up on the bench and let it set for a while, then wipe it down with water…and finally wipe it down with a damp paper towel for final drying. M. Jackson
  • I have also had success with wiping down the back side and leaving it wet and working with a cool vaporizor going nearby. R. Sacks
  • You can also try a cloth lightly saturated in linseed oil. K. Smith
  • I use a mixture of 50% denature alcohol and 50% water in a spray bottle. Cuts down the static, cleans the material well, and dries fast without streaking. D. Baronian



Care and cleaning of brushes

  • Try using baby oil, available at any drug store or department store. Robert Beverly, Rick Glawson and others
  • Brush Oil is available from most sign supply distributors


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